How does the conduct of IBPS Clerk Exam VII help among aspirants in employment?

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is an autonomous body that conducts IBPS clerk exam every year. It provides services to all the Public sectors such as RBI, NABARD, SIDBI, SBI, LIC and other financial institutions. IBPS has gained the repute of being a keyPersonnel Selection Test Conducting Agency in our country. It has a massive strength to develop and build up its ability to conduct such a testing program for lakhs of students at the same time in around more than 200 cities at the same time.

IBPS Clerk 2018 has two phases in selection process prelims and mains. Phase I Prelims exam contains Reasoning/Numerical/English. The candidates have to get cut-off in all the three subjects Phase II Main Exam contains           Quantitative aptitude/Reasoning/Computer Aptitude/General & Financial awareness. Please note there will be a penalty for objective questions. Each question will be deducted with 0.25 marks if it is answered wrongly. So, better if you are not confident with the answer please quit it. You will not be penalized.

Such an examination needs good preparation. As we all know IBPS Clerk mock test is given by many reliable sites as such in the real-time exam. So, the aspirants may prepare for their IBPS Clerk exam through IBPS clerk mock test. After appearing in the IBPS Clerk mock testthe results are given in a precise way. From the detailed report itself, one can understand where he/she went out wrong and the rectifying methods.

IBPS Clerk 2018 Preliminary exam is scheduled to be conducted on 8/9/15/16 December 2018 and the main exam is scheduled on 20/1/19. IBPS Clerk 2018 exam registration process is conducted online. The link will be available on the official site for the online registration once the official announcement is announced. The application fee for IBPS Clerk 2018 OBC/General category aspirants have to pay Rs.600/- whereas SC/ST/Physically challenged have to pay 100/- through online and not by any other medium.

In this year, major changes have been observed in the exam pattern. The number of questions and the total duration has been revised in this year. The Latest IBPS clerk main will constitute 190 questions that need to be answered in a time of 160 minutes. Till last year, the Reasoning ability and Computer aptitude used to be conducted separately. But, this year onwards these two sections are blended and will contain 50 questions which have to be solved within 45 minutes of time duration. Both in English and Hindi, the IBPS Clerk preliminary and mains will be conducted.

How is the final score calculated for IBPS Clerk VII Exam?

  • For the selection marks obtained in the prelims will not be considered.
  • Candidates should qualify in the main for their final merit
  • The score of 100 will be used for the final merit list against each category. The top finals will be selected from the merit list.

The syllabus for numerical ability, reasoning and English language is the same for both prelims and mains. Along with that General awareness, computer knowledge is added. The General awareness will be entirely from banking awareness.

Counting Baby Kicks And Changes According To Pregnancy Stages

Baby kicks are a normal phenomenon that every mother finds during their days of pregnancy. There are certain physical changes inside the womb that lets the pregnant mothers know all about the state of their baby. The active state of the baby can be learned with the help of this. Different stages of pregnancy lead to different types of changes that the babies go through. Mothers start experiencing kicks and movement of the baby inside the womb and that is why they intend to understand the reasons for the pregnancy kicks or the cramps they have all throughout the later stages of pregnancy.

Changes In Baby Kicks According To Pregnancy Stages

There are subsequent changes in the number of baby kicks when pregnancy reaches a particular stage. The stages of pregnancy are directly associated with the changes in the body of the mother and growth of the baby and during the second trimester, the chances of baby kicks are made visible. Baby kicks are used as a method to test if the baby is present in an active state because the number of kicks shows that the baby is moving inside the womb and are growing normally. A baby kick monitor has helped many pregnant mothers all throughout their days of pregnancy.

To understand the number of kicks that a woman might experience at a particular time, the women must go to the expert gynaecologists. They work on making the whole state of pregnancy easier for the women by making them prepared for every possible change that they are going to face and making them understand the real effects of those changes. The baby kicks are set to increase in number as the baby becomes more active, but the decreased activity of the baby may be related to a severe health concern for the baby inside the womb.

This is why the number of kicks is considered important as the women can go to the experts once they feel any decreased number of kicks or any negative changes inside their body that is unprecedented. Health concerns of the baby need to be counteracted with medication or with the help of gynaecologists when the concern is related to the position or orientation of the baby. Right now different mechanisms are there where baby kicks counting is made possible. Use of a baby kick counter bracelet seems to be a comforting choice for most of the pregnant mothers.

Concern for the baby is a common phenomenon among the mothers and that is why they want the best possible care for their baby. Counting baby kicks results in the physical method of understanding the condition of the babies. There are certain issues related to pregnancy that need to be learned to keep the baby devoid of any disorder and let the growth occur normally.


With the use of modern technology and certain medical processes, the expert gynaecologists have made pregnancy simpler for the mothers. Right now they can enjoy the motherhood to their best possible level.

Content Monetization Opportunities for Digital Publishers

All these years, digital publishers are incessantly looking for promising ways to monetize their content, especially as they discover the associated advantages. Some publishers at the same time are uncomfortable of being called a sell-out and lose the connection with their readers.

For those of you, I suggest – True, it’s extremely important to stand out as a credible source of information but it’s overmuch necessary to build your online reputation and generate a revenue stream out of your hard work.

Loyal customers (the real ones) who value your unique high-quality content will anyway accompany you all along the journey. Just giving your readers more options to engage, delight, and feel important is necessary.

Remember it is of utmost importance to deliver a content that your readers love. A lack of it will occur as a stumbling block while monetizing your content.

With no more hitches in your way and your priorities set, let’s move on.

As digital publications are on the rise, the opportunities of the digital content monetization are also increasingfor digital publishers. But this upswing also brings in more challenges and a hard time deciding the right option.

Worry not! I’m here to help. Below in this post are explained promising strategies for monetizing your content.


Yes, you heard it right. Making your content accessible at no cost in initial days helps in monetization in the long-run. Thus, this method is great to initially direct more website traffic and build a position in the market. But, it’s not sustainable and cannot become a part of your long-term strategy. Once you gain the audience and trust,smartly make a move towards other profitable modes of monetizationby either opting for advertising on your website or going for advertorials.


This method is well-known to all of us as it has been in use since the age of print. With a simple twist, you can take advantage of this strategy in terms of online native ads and sponsored ads.

Native ads help you in informing your customers about new issues, subscriptions or other related information whereas sponsored ads are displayed by the selected sponsors. It is suggested to choose the sponsors belonging to your field, so as not to irritate users with unwanted information.

Analysing the user-behavior online and their past buying pattern, you can offer relevant ads and buying suggestions. This helps in improving onsite customer experience, ease their buying decisions and also greatly enhance chances of closing a sale.

Though, ads help in driving users to your content, if not placed appropriately they may irritate users and hamper reading-experience. Hence, try to place your ads in such a way that they are non-intrusive.Or you may even register for googleadsense which can help you to get revenue with contextual advertising.


You might have heard about the buzzwords – Paywall and Freemium. These terms refer to the ways adopted by the digital publishers to attract their customers for buying subscriptions.

Basically, these approaches expose a new user to some of the free content at first (often referred as free-trial in terms of services or software). Once the user gets engaged and is interested in reading more, the premium chargeable content is introduced for which they need to buy subscriptions. Even if it is chargeable, unique content always remains in-demand.

Affiliate links

This strategy is excellent for making some extra money, but only if you enjoy high traffic. It requires you to partner with major online companies or other affiliates of interest.

For example, you can include an affiliate link in a blog and earn a pre-decided portion of completed sales. This includes mentioning or reviewing a product or service in the blog content along with a link directed to them. As a result, being a digital publisher youend up getting your share if a user clicks on the given link and successfully makes a purchase.


Licensing is one of the competent methods of monetization to generate additional revenue. Digital publishers can brand or license their unique content and distribute it in the market or sell to any organization.

(Book Publishing Software and its Functions)

Monetize your community

Lastly, it is essential to look after your community as they are the major drivers of your content generation. It is suggested to improve upon the feedback or problems faced by them. Consider investing in making their experience better and giving them leisure time with exceptional publications.

This will inculcate immense trust and develop a special bond with your audience. Consequently, they will be more attracted towards your content and help in further monetization.

All in all, content monetization is a hot topic and demands immediate attention for a fruitful future. Spend some time and efforts to carefully determine the right strategy before implementing any.

Want to share some more monetization strategies? You’re welcome. Please write to us in the comment section below.

Important – Adding content around the key “keywords” helps in making the topic relatable.

Heart Valve replacement Surgery In India

Heart plays an important role in our body. We all know that the heart is mainly known for pumping the blood to circulate into the body. And the circulating blood carries the nutrients and also helps to remove the waste from the body. The valve of the heart is responsible for one way blood flow and manages the flow of blood. But what would happen if our heart or valve of heart will damage?

The valve can pump the blood forcefully due to putting the extra pressure on the heart and cause heart damage. There are certain types of treatments or surgeries to repair the valve to prevent heart damages from various heart diseases.

Valve Replacement Surgery

Valve replacement Surgery includes replacement of damaged valve with the mechanical or tissue valve. The mechanical valve is the synthetic valve while tissue valve is obtained from human donors, cow, and pigs. Anew valve helps to get relief from chest pain and reducing the strain on the heart. There are four types of valves in heart of human:

– Aortic valve

– Mitral valve

– Tricuspid valve

– Pulmonic valve

The aortic valve is replaced not repaired during surgery. Mitral valve is repaired during surgery while tricuspid and pulmonic valves are rarely replaced or repair.

The valve replacement surgery in India provides the best affordable cost, best surgeons, best facilities with the modern infrastructure of hospitals. There are various best hospitals that provide best valve replacement surgery.

Diagnosis Of Valve Replacement Surgery

Initially, doctors examine a patient by listening to the sound of heartbeats that occur due to the opening and closing of valves. There are many tests which are performed to diagnose the valve diseases such as:

– Transesophageal echocardiography

– Cardiac catheterization or an angiogram

– Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

– Radionuclide scans

– Echocardiography

Types of Valves Used In Surgery

  1. Mechanical Valve: These are artificial or made from materials such as stainless steel or ceramic. It is long lasting and can last for hundred years. But this can lead to blood clots so the patients having mechanical valve they use anti-coagulant drugs such as warfarin and aspirin.
  2. Tissue Or Biological Valve: These are made from the human tissues from donated heart also called allograft or homograft and from animal tissues that are called xenograft. It is not long lasting as the mechanical valve. It can be replaced in every ten years. It does not need to take blood-thinning medications to patients. These are mainly used for elderly patients not in children and adults because it can be broken down faster in them.

Benefits Of Surgery

Most people quickly recover after a surgery even though it may sometimes vary according to age. An improvement in the health condition will be noticed. Doctors play a crucial role in maintaining the health by recommending some activities or exercises to be performed on daily basis.

Risk Of Surgery

There are various risks involved with the heart valve replacement surgery which include:

– Blood clot formation

– Irregular heart rhythm

– Endocarditis

– Bleeding or hemorrhage.