Amazing Reasons to Buy Outdoor Toys for Your Kids

These days, rare are those who spend more time outdoor than indoor, which leads to some health issues like obesity among children. Outdoor toys are your great weapon! Here, we will discuss why having one in your backyard is very beneficial for your little ones.

Play is the beginning of knowledge

Lucky are those whose kids enjoy outdoors and love adventures, but how long can you satisfy their craving for nature on a regular basis? This is where kids outdoor play equipment comes to the rescue. And, you can have the best kids outdoor play equipment at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop for your adorable kids.

So, let’s tackle each benefit of adding outdoor toys in the back of your yard.

  • Improve mental skills

One benefit of allowing children to play outside is improving their reasoning ability and logical thinking. Their endless seek for knowledge and imagination are encouraged more. Simply put it, they tend to take risks and explore things, so give them an outdoor toy that will help them improve this skill.

  • Improve motor skills

Motor skills are also improved with outdoor play gears and equipment. Here, self-learning process and physical coordination are developed.

  • Encourage exercise

A simple walk or run is a form of exercise they can do outdoor on a daily basis, of course, with the help of a toy. Doing so will help reduce the possibility of risks, such as arteriosclerosis and hypertension. Mommies, this can also be your great way of avoiding mess your kids do in the house.

  • Increase attention span

According to a research, green areas exposure can help prolong the attention span of young children. This is because green spaces allow the kid’s brain to grow and heal. Definitely, amazing!

  • Improve creativity and social skills

Play is the answer to how anything new comes about

When outside, little ones are endowed and motivated to be themselves or explore their imaginations and ideas – all with the help of play! By allowing them to play more outside, they creativity wanders. They can be able to create their own activities and games. Also, they can improve social skills since they integrate imaginary or real friends into their play.

  • Full-on sensory experience

Among the full-on sensory experience they can attain when playing outside include touching different textures (e.g. rocks, leaves), hearing various sounds, seeing the beauty and shadows of nature, and smelling a variety of smells (e.g. fresh air).

  • Safety

By having an outdoor toy, you can ensure the security of your active kids as it allows you to build a small refugee in your yard. Now, you don’t have to worry about them fighting with another child, running out on the street, or scratching knees.

Above all…

  • Healthy kids!

Let your kids play their favorite outdoor toy in your backyard for a healthy wellbeing! Aside from reducing obesity, playing outside gives them a Vitamin D boost – protects against diabetes, bone problems, and heart disease.

Looking for the best outdoor play equipment for your growing child? The affordable playhouse for kids from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop and other outdoor toys are a good investment you can consider.

Peter Max – Delving into Mesmerizing Pop and Cosmic Art

Pop and cosmic art have always been mesmerizing with a strong appeal. This form of art manages to cross barriers with a strong message to both old and young lovers of art. Pop and cosmic art have been widely used on music posters and album covers. Some have become so famous that they are widely sought after for being collectibles to keep and cherish forever!

Peter Max- an inspiration in the field of pop and cosmic art

Peter Max is an artist that is a very strong name to reckon with in the field of cosmic and pop art in the USA. He is the man behind several iconic music band posters that are collected and still loved by millions across the world. He has stolen the limelight with his colorful illustrations and bold images. He has worked on nearly all surfaces and has created some outstanding artwork that is unforgettable across the world.

Childhood passion and love for art

His journey started when he was a small child, and his dad and mom encouraged him to paint. He took formal training from some of the most popular artists of the world. He has been painting for 50 years and has specialized in the field of cosmic art. He loves to use vibrant colors, bold themes, and styles. He loves to pay attention to detail and agents of museums and galleries in the world have claimed art lovers always welcome his exhibitions.

An environmentalist and political activist

Millions of people of all age groups are fond of the music band posters he created in the 1960- 1970 pop culture era. Today, he has expanded his art forms to social and environmental issues. He is an ardent political activist and creates artwork that has powerful messages when it comes to the protection of the environment and planet. His Facebook Page has many fans who appreciate his works of art in this field. He is an artist that has managed to transcend boundaries when it comes to language and culture. He uses colorful illustrations to communicate powerful messages when it comes to recycling and protection of natural resources of Planet Earth.

Peter Max has been the official artist for many major musical and sports events in the USA. He has painted the portraits of 6 American Presidents that are displayed in Embassies across the world. When it comes to his work, he uses a lot of cosmic elements as when he was a child and lived in China; a Buddhist monastery near his home greatly influenced him. He later grew up to visit an Observatory, and after that, his world changed. He developed a strong passion for cosmic arts, and this reflects largely in the paintings he creates for everyone today. Though he has been in the field of pop art for 50 years, he shows no signs of stopping. He is an inspiration and positive role model to thousands of artists not only in the USA but across the globe too!

Randal Benjamin Improve Jumping Skills with These Exercises

Jumping is an important element in sports like basketball and volleyball. If you wish to increase your energy, you should focus on exercises that improve your jumping skills. They involve timing, and your body has to be aligned when you jump up. With regular practice, you will find your jumps getting higher and higher.

Randal Benjamin- how to improve your jumping skills

Randal Benjamin is a popular athlete in Las Vegas, Nevada and he is passionate about football and basketball. He says that in both these sports you need to have good endurance levels and stamina. When it comes to basketball, you should focus on your jumping skills and practice so that you can jump higher when you need to shoot the ball in the hoop. He says that you can start with double leg jumps. This exercise starts with placing both your feet on the ground. They should be planted firmly. Your feet should be apart shoulder width. When you jump, ensure that your whole body is relaxed. When you are jumping, ensure that your knees do not point inwards. They should be positioned properly over the second toe.

Arms make sure you hang them loosely on your sides

When you are ready to jump, make sure your arms are loosely hung at your side. Crouch to the half squat position. When you jump, do not keep your arms in front of you. They should also not be kept above your head before you jump. When you jump, your arms produce a lot of momentum, and this affects the quality of the jump.

Create a mental image of the perfect jump you wish to make

Experts say that if you are looking for good quality jumps, all you need to do is visualize your jump. Make sure you see in your mind’s eye the kind of jumps you would like to do. Make sure you see yourself clearly jumping into the air and landing perfectly. This small mental exercise does go a long way in giving you the right jump!

Landing correctly without injuries

Experts in the field of basketball say when you are jumping into the air, you should land on the balls of your two feet instead of your toes. When you land, bend your knees slightly and tilt your body forward. This will help both of your legs accept the weight of your body uniformly. When you have the correct form of landing, your body will not suffer from the shock of landing all of a sudden. In this way, you can avoid injuries to the knee.

Randal Benjamin says that if you need to master a technique you have to practice hard for it. In the game of basketball jumping is an important aspect of the game. This is why practice hard so that you can master the skills and ensure that you get no sprains to the ankle or knee. Always keep the body relaxed and keep a mental image of your jumps in your mind so that you can make your jumps perfect!

Children’s Party Entertainment in Westchester NY

The kid’s entertainers are mostly called for celebrating a birthday. They do come for christening function, communion and to celebrate your children achievements. Organizing a party event in your home or outdoors will be a daunting task. It needs your time, money and energy to buy birthday party supplies, decoration items and foodstuffs necessary in the party. The best way to celebrate children party is to hire a children part entertainment company in Westchester NY. There are many birthday party venues in Westchester NY. You can book them, if you do not have sufficient space in your home.

Mad Science Party Entertainers in Westchester

The Kids Entertainers West Chester is popular for doing mad science parties. They are the best for children above 6-years old. The mad science entertainment artist is a trained professional. He brings permitted lab experiments, which are safe and do not cause any hazardous. They do not leave any residue too to clean up after the completion of mad science experiments. They are popular as science party for kid in Westchester NY. You can book a mad science party with your nearby kid entertainment service provider.

Clowns and Characters for Birthday Parties

The clowns and characters in a children party will be an amazing choice for the parents. This not only entertains your kid, but also all the invites of all ages. A clown in a birthday party is simply the best to make fun. Children are happier to see a clown doing funny things. You can also select a character and bring them home for entertainment.

Clowns and Magicians for Birthday Parties

The clown and magician is the best for the kids above 4-years and above. They do simple magic, which will be entertaining for your kids. They bring out colorful stuffs, hide things and make fun with their hand tricks. They may present a thirty minutes to an hour time magic show in a birthday party. It is advisable to check the birthday party packages in Westchester NY. A professional magician performs the magic show in a children party.

DJs for Children’s Parties

A children party without music will look dull. When you hire a professional entertainment company in Westchester NY, they bring the DJ sets. The sound system is included in the party cost. They bring tested ok sound set and anchor the show with a clown and their performers. These are wireless and will take small space in your party venue.

The Kids Entertainers West Chester is the trusted professional team. They appoint verified artists only. They have much work experience in magic, tattooing, face painting and balloon twisting. There are also specialized artists or performers in Westchester NY. You can book them online by inquiring about their charges. They do come for custom works as you prefer to party for your kid. They have many kid party packages. You can select the best one to entertain your kid on their birthday. You can select from the top 10 kids entertainer in Westchester NY and hire the best team.